5 ways to rock mothers day brunch – and a menu

mothers-day-brunch In my dreams, Mothers Day always brings fair weather and fresh air.

Mothers Day is simply the essence of spring. When gathering your family to celebrate mom, keep a couple things in mind for your Sunday brunch.

1. Get organized

Do a quick scan to see what can be made ahead. Decide not to deep clean the house. Set our your serving dishes to determine what you need to borrow from the neighbors.

2. Kick off with a fun beverage

Make a signature drink, like a fresh-juiced bloody mary with cilantro oil for the over 21 crowd, or homemade ginger ale for everyone.

 3. Serve eggs!

Traditionally, chickens go dormant in chilly months and start laying again in the spring, which is why eggs are in traditional spring foods. My Springtime Frittata with Asparagus and Peas has caught fire over on Pinterest. And I’m a fan of Local Kitchen, a blog that hails from New York’s Hudson Valley. Here Kaela describes how to build a basic frittata. My friend Domenica has a fantastic spaghetti frittata.

4. Have a rocking dessert

I’m partial to cake. Like maybe a Jam-Glazed Yellow Cake where I can use up the last of my homemade jam before the new strawberries come it. Chocolate Shortbread Cookies, or a batch from the local bakery. If you’re not big on baking, set out vanilla ice cream with mom’s favorite toppings.

5. Don’t fret

Take a page from the Ina Garten playbook and buy foods already made, or let guests bring something. My sister’s potluck Thanksgiving is our family’s highlight of the year, proof that letting people chip in will avoid overwhelm and let guests feel involved. The biggest thing is to relax and have fun. Make light of it if things don’t work out the way you imagined. Celebrate the day.

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