Whiskey sour: a frothy cocktail for any occasion

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A whiskey sour is just as delicious shaken in a mason jar.

My cocktail shaker is the most popular guest at my gatherings, and thus it is often occupied when I’m ready for a beverage (hello, Manhattan!).

In my eagerness to move things along, I’ve conscripted a mason jar to shake up a whiskey sour, that classic cocktail that seems to be everywhere these days.

A few things about the famed whiskey sour:

Most recipes call for simple syrup. Never buy a bottle of this in the store.  Simply boil equal parts sugar and water for a few minutes and then keep in the door of the fridge for practically forever.

This bevvy uses an egg white. Uncooked eggs strike fear into the hearts of many, although I do not let this stand in my way.  I just buy the freshest eggs I can find. You decide for yourself.

Shaking order is important. I make simple syrup if I’m having a party.  If I’m being spontaneous and don’t have any in the door of my fridge, I put the sugar and lemon in the shaker first, and shake until the sugar dissolves.  Both simple syrup and sugar/lemon shaking will guarantee the proper distribution of sweetness. Then I add the booze and egg white, and shake again to get a good froth, then the ice to cool it all down.

Whiskey sour

1 teaspoon sugar

juice of half a lemon, about 2 tablespoons

1 egg white

1 – 2 ounces whiskey, either bourbon or rye

Pour the sugar and lemon juice into a two-cup mason jar or cocktail shaker.  Cover and shake vigorously ten times.  Add the egg white and whiskey and shake ten more times or more until frothy.  Add a handful of ice, shake again and strain into a glass.  Garnish with a generous shave of lemon peel.

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