Chocolate-drizzled potato chips, for the easiest of entertaining


Chocolate-drizzled potato chips

Are you another passenger on a freight train roaring toward Christmas? I can’t call mine the polar express because there’s been absolutely no snow in Chicago, although we did have a dusting in Michigan while visiting family for Thanksgiving.

THE ultimate salty-sweet

It’s at times like this – where I’ve baked nothing, traveled a lot and have been pretty much over scheduled –  that I dig out my bag of shortcuts.  I realize that everyone might be able to use a shortcut here or there, and thus I’m sharing today my secret weapon for holiday entertaining, the ultimate salty-sweet snack: chocolate-drizzled potato chips.

Go out and get your favorite kettle chip – I used Cape Cod here, but Lay’s works just as well. I used Hershey dark chocolate chips. I’d recommend chocolate chips rather than bar chocolate because chips are already tempered.  Tempering is a pastry chef term and using chips means you get to skip a step or two and still get great results. I add a little edible paraffin that helps stabilize the chocolate at room temperature in case the room gets warm.

Aside from being so very simple, this is the marriage of delicious, indulgent flavors that are perfect for wowing your guests.

Chocolate-drizzled potato chips

One 8.5-ounce bag kettle-cooked potato chips

3 ounces (aout 1/3 cup) dark chocolate chips

1 teaspoon edible paraffin or vegetable shortening (optional)

Pour the chocolate chip and paraffin or shortening into a large mixing bowl set over a saucepan filled with a few inches of boiling water. Turn off the water and wait for a few minutes until you can whisk it to a glossy smoothness. Meanwhile, turn oven on to 250 degrees.  Line a baking sheet with wax paper and spread the chips in a single layer and pop into the oven for up to five minutes while the oven heats – this is simply to warm the oil on the  potato chips. Remove from the oven and drizzle the chocolate over the potato chips. Let cool at room temperature. Store tightly covered for a few days.

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