A cheese course to relax over: for Paris in July

cheese course Rustic Kitchen I was invited to participate in Paris in July. Actually, I may have invited myself, because who doesn’t want to fantasize about Paris? In July! Or any time really.

First I spotted it spotted it on Nichole’s blog, then I met Tamara of Thyme for Tea.  And more kindred spirits who will get to Paris any way we can, even it it’s virtual.

How to contribute to this lovely gathering of Paris lovers?  I’m going with a cheese course. I’m a big fan of cheese courses.  I wrote about them when Kirsten came to town with her new book.  And have crushed on Wisconsin cheeses at tastings and field trips.

And because the French are so devoted to their own cheese makers, I decided to opt for cheeses from my beloved Midwest to end my latest dinner party.

Here you’ll see goat cheese from Illinois, embellished cheddar from Michigan and robust blue from Iowa.  As much as I love Wisconsin, I burst with pride about other regional producers.

Oh so French, n’est pas?

How to end your meal with a great cheese course

In honor of Paris in July, I offer a few tips for your own cheese course:

  • Something old, something new, something creamy, something blue. Pick three of these to ensure a nice variety. Or just be sure to mix it up.
  • Choose cheese with a story.  Maybe the cheese that you discovered on vacation, or found at a farmers market, or the one that first made you realize there is more than cheddar.
  • Add something to embellish. Here I have pistachios and honey. If your board echo’s mine, encourage your guests to drizzle the honey over the blue – to me it’s a perfect combination.  Fruit is a nice addition, a bunch of grapes, for example.  Or dates.  Dates with blue cheese and honey. Yes.

Whatever you decide to try, enjoy with friends and conversation.  And don’t rush to do the dishes.  Because the French know how to enjoy life.

Are we Facebook, TwitterInstagram or Pinterest friends? Photo and recipe by Janine MacLachlan, www. RusticKitchen.com.  All rights reserved.

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