Two years and counting

espalier Monday was this blog’s second anniversary (oops, I’m a little behind).  And today is my 200th post.  Over the past two years I got married, started writing a book, fell in love with a couple hundred farmers.

Plus, over and over, I revealed my deep affection for dessert by posting more sweet treats than any other category.

This kind of milestone calls for a little reflection.

First, I’m so grateful for the friends I’ve made through writing here — there are people I feel I know so well, even though we’ve never met in person.  And I’ve found a venture that helps me focus on my photography, too. Both have given me a level of awareness I don’t think I had before. I like to think so.

So what’s next?  Nothing too fancy.

I’ll consider a salad event to rival my blueberry fest and brandied cherry series.  A lot of my healthier, non-dessert dishes are more of the improv variety, but I’ll make of point of writing them down before putting them in my mouth.

I’d like to write more in depth about the farmers I met along my Heartland road trip.  I’ll try to bring you more recipes.

A big thanks to everyone who’s made this experience so rewarding.  My cup overflows.

Photo compliments of Janine MacLachlan,  All rights reserved.

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